Forget being a thought leader, I’d rather be known as …

I hear a lot of people who on their various social “titles,” descriptions of themselves, and websites that they are a “thought leader” and I began to wonder what that really means. Specifically, I had one person that when I approached him after his talk about my first book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version, that we just might be able to have a two way business interaction, i.e. he and I could somehow help each other out. I showed him my book and  wondered to myself while he looked at it, “Would he, could we, help each other out?”

Nothing doing. In fact, he “faked me out” by asking for a copy of my book (I reluctantly gave him a signed copy) and deceived me by saying he’d write something about it, whether it was his web site or a blurb. Nothing doing. He never did.

And guess how we was introduced to the crowd at this large function?

You guessed it: A thought leader.

If his actions showed that he was being a thought leader, they surely told me what he was leading me to do: Deceiving others of his intentions. Deceiving others to gain an advantage is not my cup of tea, and since by his actions he told me what he followed and was telegraphing them to my by his actions, then I don’t want to follow this thought leader. But it made me wonder about this “thought leader” title, to question those that have these intentions. Here is my thought on this “title.”


I’m going to follow a different path.

I’m going to be a thought follower.

Who or what will I follow?

The Bible.

I’ll be a thought follower and follow the Bible, as best as I can, with God’s help.

It has all of the answers to family, friends, relationships, work, and business, i.e. life, that there should be no other paths to take. It has the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly, and all the situations that one can find to prepare for one’s life path.

So the next time someone is introduced as a thought leader, question that title because God had all of the thoughts first, we just learn from Him what is right and wrong about our thoughts.



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